Hey babe, welcome to our exclusive ambassadors' page where we will share with you tips and secrets on how to get people to use your code, this way you'll be able to get free swimwear. We also share tips on how to get the chance to be featured in our feed.

Tips for your Instagram feed.

1. Tag us in your photo/video and use @aquatropicswim

2. If possible, find a beautiful background for your picture.

3. Mention the discount code in the comments (optional).

4. Have fun!


Tips for Instagram stories 

1. Tag @aquatropicswim

2. If possible, find a beautiful background for your picture.

3. In the story you can wear our suits or just post an unboxing story video or pictures.

Important: Stories that include your personal discount code won't be reposted.

You can post one story without the discount code, and you can post another story with the discount code.

Tips to get the chance to be featured in our feed

  • We regularly feature Ambassadors who go above and beyond, creating awesome content for us!
  • Get noticed creating amazing and quality content. We will reach out to you via Instagram.
  • Take a look at our Instagram feed for you to get an idea of what we consider awesome content.